Canning Day

We completed our 1st canning run! And will be releasing 3 canned beers in the next few weeks

ClearCut IPA        Style: East Coast IPA             ABV: 6%     
Hazy, hoppy IPA; made with Warrior, Citra, and Ella hops; brewed with local Blue Ox malt

Captain Tucker        Style: Cream Ale                ABV: 4.3%   
A mild, pale, light-bodied, easy drinking ale, not bitter but with some hop aroma. Brewed with local Blue-Ox malt and Hop Yard hops. 

A Beer Called Blue   Style: Wheat w Blueberry                   ABV: 4.7%      
Brewed with blueberries and local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard hops. Blueberry aroma and flavor with earthy notes and a deep blue color.