We have been busy since November. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and us have been working hard and we are almost done. The brewing equipment will begin arriving this week and the federal government is reviewing our application for a brewery. We are still about 2 months out from opening. Thank you for watching our progress and please like us on Facebook and follow or Instagram account (Island Dog Brew). We will be posting pictures and updates. We hope to be able to have a firm openign date in the next couple of weeks. 

One Step at a Time

Our SBA loan was approved!! Always more paperwork but the funding is all in place. Our brewery plan goes in front of the town planning board next Tuesday, 11/15. Once the town approves our plan the construction can begin. First the landlord will install a wall between our space and the unit next to us, and then an overhead door at the rear of our space. Once this is done, Unit15, is ours and we can start contruction on the brewery and tasting room. Jim


We had a lot of late nights and got a lot done in the last few weeks. We filed our Federal Brewing application at the end of September and we will be meeting with the South Portland Planning Board in a couple of weeks. We ordered our brewing equipment and we are waiting to hear back from the bank about our SBA loan.  We get the keys to our space on December 1st and then the real fun begins. Jim

The Beginning

We are in the process of opening a craft brewery in South Portland, Maine. This has been a dream of ours for several years. We started the process about a year ago. We have made a lot of progress and are excited that our dream is becoming a reality. We have found a location and have started the Federal brewery application process. Our hope is to open Spring 2017. We will be adding updates and photos during the process. See you soon. Jim