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We produce a wide variety of ales, our recipes are influenced by Belgian and German styles, but we also brew IPAs, stouts, browns, fruit fermented ales, and sours . We have up to 12 different beers on tap and change our line up monthly; brewing new recipes, seasonal beers, variations of regular beers, and experimental batches. 

We are committed to using local ingredients, 95% of the malt (grain) we use is locally sourced from Blue OX Malt-House, Lisbon, ME and the Maine Malt House, Mapleton, ME. Our local hops come from the Hop Yard, Gorham, ME. We will be producing several beers with 100% local malt and hops. 

Individual and group tours are available on Saturdays at 3pm.

Beer Release - August 30th

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A Beer Called Blue

Captain Tucker

Unit 15

St Hubbins

Clear Cut IPA

Cap’T Strawberry


Atomic Dawg

We offer Flights of 5oz tasters - Flights of 4 or 8


Our beers are available in 5oz, 10oz, & 16oz glasses / 32oz and 68oz Growlers

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Pop's Root Beer


The majority of our beers are seasonal and we rotate at least 2 beers per month. Our current beers are listed above. 

This is a listing of all our specialty and seasonal beers.


Unit 15                                   Style: Belgian Style Saison                                          ABV: 6% A mild, pale, light-bodied, easy drinking ale, not bitter but with some hop aroma. Brewed with local Blue-Ox malt and Hop Yard hops.

ClearCut                                   Style: East Coast IPA                                              ABV: 6% Hop forward with citrus and floral notes, supported by a subtle malt backbone. Brewed with Warrior, Citra, and Ella hops, and local Blue-Ox malt.

3 Buoy Brown                                   Style: Brown Ale                                                ABV: 5.2% Light malt aroma with toffee, nutty, and caramel notes. Brewed with local Blue-Ox malt and Hop Yard hops.

Captain Tucker                                Style: Cream Ale                                                ABV: 4.3% A mild, pale, light-bodied, easy drinking ale, not bitter but with some hop aroma. Brewed with local Blue-Ox malt and Hop Yard hops.

Iron Bison                                              Style: Milk Stout                                              ABV: 4% Dark and malty milk stout, with chocolate, and coffee notes; Brewed with local Hop Yard hops


Pawsitively Peachy                               Style: Milkshake IPA                                     ABV: 5% Soft peach aroma and flavors intertwined with a nice citrus back end and a quiet hop finish; brewed with lactose and fermented on Peaches

Tipsy Dawg                                   Style: Belgian Golden Strong Ale                            ABV: 9.5% Belgian ale with fruity, spicy notes, balancing hop flavor and a smooth finish; brewed with local Blue Ox malt What is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale? Fruity, complex and higher ABV. Look for a characteristic spiciness from Belgian yeast and a highly attenuated dry finish.

St Hubbins                                          Style: Gose                                                               ABV: 4.2% German wheat ale with fruity, mild sourness and salty notes, and a crisp smooth finish; brewed with black currants, local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard Hops What is a Gose? A German unfiltered wheat beer, the wheat produces a cloudy yellow color and provides a refreshing crispness; low hop bitterness and a complementary dryness and sharpness from the addition of salt.

Foggy Beach                                            Style: New England IPA                                      ABV: 5.5% Hoppy, hazy, & juicy with citrus & grapefruit notes, smooth and well balanced; brewed with Loral, Cascade, Columbus, & Amorello hops

Atomic Dawg                                     Style: Double IPA                                      ABV: 8.5% Robust and hoppy, balanced by local malt; brewed with Cascade, Nugget, Sterling, El Dorado, Mandarina Bavaria, and Ella hops

Felix Farmhouse                                   Style: Farmhouse Ale                                     ABV: 4.7% Brewed with cranberries and local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard hops; floral nose with mild tartness and smooth finish What is a Farmhouse Ale? This is a very complex style; many are very fruity in aroma and flavor. Look for earthy yeast tones, mild to moderate tartness


A Beer Called Blue                    Style: Wheat w/ Blueberry                                          ABV: 4.7% Brewed with blueberries and local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard hops. Blueberry aroma and flavor with earthy notes and a deep purple color.

A Beer Called BOO                              Style: Pumpkin Ale                                      ABV: 5.3% Brewed with pumpkin, Maine maple syrup, local Blue Ox malt, and Hop Yard hops. Orange/Golden in color with a mild pumpkin, spice, and maple flavors

Pineapple Bay        Style: Saison                                 ABV: 6% Fermented on Pineapple; Fruity aroma and flavor with banana and spice notes; Brewed with local Hop Yard hops 

Kaisertown                                         Style: Kolsch                                                    ABV: 4.5% German style beer that is light in color with a slightly dry, crisp finish. 100% Blue-Ox malt

Silverhound                                         Style: Pale Ale                                                   ABV: 5% Brewed with WET Sterling hops from the Hop Yard. Crushable, single hop ale that is mild with fresh hop notes

Winter Porter                                     Style: Porter                                                    ABV: 5.3% Brewed with cherries and chocolate; chocolate, cherry, and coffee notes

Holiday Ale                                            Style: Spiced Red Ale                                   ABV: 7% Brewed with mulling spices and dried apples and cranberries

Rocky Coast                                           Style: American Hefeweizen                       ABV: 4.7% A pale, spicy, fruity, refreshing wheat based, easy drinking ale.

Smitty’s Irish Red                                 Style: Red Ale                                                 ABV: 5.3% An easy-drinking pint. Malt-focused with an initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish.

Chicopee Maple                                   Style: Porter                                                     ABV: 5.6% Malty dark ale with a complex and flavorful roasty character; brewed with Dunn Family maple syrup, local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard hops.

Apriweizen                                          Style: Hefeweizen                                            ABV: 4.7% Brewed with apricots and local Blue Ox malt and Hop Yard hops. Mild apricot aroma and flavor

Inselhund                                              Style: Dunkelweizen                                       ABV: 4.5% Dark wheat ale, brewed with dark and light wheat; with spicy, fruity, and complex malts notes

Duegard                                                 Style: Saison                                        ABV: 4.6% 
Brewed with local honey, malt and hops; hoppy ale with mild ginger notes

A-Pug-alypto             Style: Porter                                             ABV: 4.2% Malty dark ale brewed with Chipotle peppers and chocolate; complex roasty-smoky character with a hint of chocolate and spice; Brewed with local Hop Yard hops.

Omakeks             Style: Dunkel                                             ABV: 5% Amber Dunkel with complex malt flavors, molasses, earthy, and spicy notes; brewed with local malts and hops

Captain Tucker Strawberry             Style: Strawberry Cream Ale                         ABV: 5.0% A mild, pale, light-bodied, easy drinking ale, Brewed on pounds and pounds of strawberries. Perfect for a Maine summer day.



General Information

Join our Mug Club! 20oz pours, Mug Club only Tap, Special Mug Club events, 10% off merchandise

Join our Mug Club! 20oz pours, Mug Club only Tap, Special Mug Club events, 10% off merchandise



Our Small Batch Handcrafted Beers are made on-site

We feature locally sourced ingredients including Maine hops and grains


Our Spacious Taproom is Great for Special Events and Corporate Functions. 

We have FREE WiFi and plenty of FREE Off-Street Parking

We also have outdoor seating, weather permitting.


We encourage patrons to bring in food from their favorite restaurants.

OTTO Pizza is located in the same building and will deliver to our tap room, for FREE!

We also have Coastal Maine Popcorn and Portland Fruit and Nut snack mixes for sale.


We have a Giant Jenga and Cornhole set, as well as other games available 

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